Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In my "In Box"

Hi Tom, my name is Brandon Beauchesne I've been doing magic for a little over three years. You sold me one of my first few effects back in Seattle. I was just wondering why the shop closed and what you are up to these days. Now that I am more serious about magic I really wish I would have came to the shop to see all the magicians and jam with you guys. I keep seeing your videos pop up on the forums and just realized that I really missed out. will there ever be another real magic shop?

-Brandon Beauchesne

P.S. Pike Place Magic is terrible


Tim said...

Brandon, you did miss out, but all is not lost! I started doing magic in my early 20's. I did what Philemon would dub slum magic. Hopping half, Scotch and Soda, penetration frame, hot rod, jumping gems and a gigarette vanish via the magicians secret weapon. I played with magic for a couple of years, never getting serious, heck, I had no idea there were clubs and many others teaching and performing. I was just having fun amazing fiends and family with this "trinket" magic stuff! Somehow I got away from magic for about twenty years. Maybe it was lack of interest, hard work, children, the daily grind of life, I dunno. But I am living proof that you can resurrect your magical dreams. I was fortunate to find Tom Frank and his magic shop and his willingness to freely give of his time and talents. Toms misfortune, his losing his magic shop through an ugly divorce was for me an unlikely magical boon. Because of that negative time in Toms life, Steve Ameden and I proposed the idea of meeting with Tom in his home once a week, we would supply the dinner and Tom graciously accepted the offer to teach us magic during these wonderful evenings! Thus the Alki Magic Studio Tuesday night sessions was born, like a Phoenix rising. These sessions lasted for a year and a half when Tom eventually moved to Los Angelas. Several of us are trying to copy Toms model for these sessions but try as we might, there truly is only one Tom Frank. Brandon, feel free to email me at and see if we might rekindle the magic.

John the Magicguy said...

Brandon... Pikes Magic isnt all that bad, You must realize that the store is in a tourist spot and must cater to tourist. If you know what you are looking for and want to get hands on it's an ok place