Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dancing with Kaite

Dancing makes me happy, sometimes nervous. . . but happy. I was meeting a new friend at Joe's All American Bar & Grill Tuesday night. Her name is Katie and she loves to dance and talk about magic, cool huh? A chick magician! Her dad does magic and so does the guy she's dating (I would say who that is, but he's famous and I'm not sure what the ethics are on that sort of thing). Lets just say that we can talk about Erdnase between dances.

I was nervous about dancing and looking foolish, but the band started up and before I knew it we were on the dance floor cutting a rug. It wasn't so bad, I was doing just fine and she was doing great. She has danced most of her life and it shows.

We're gonna try and make this a regular Tuesday Night Dance Night. This is great news for me as that's one of the things I was missing about Seattle. It's great fun and good exercise. I was chicken shit about asking other women to dance, but Katie didn't seem to mind me hogging most of the dances with her. We both danced with other people as well. I was glad she had a couple of dances with excellent dancers. I think I hold my own OK, but lack confidence. Weekly dancing and not being such a chicken shit should help with that.

For those of you who may not know what swing dancing looks like, here is a clip I found on You Tube.

Doens't this look like fun!?

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Timmy Jimmy said...

See also the movie, Swing Kids!