Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well hello again my friends. Today looks to be another Seattle day in LA. A bit chilly and wet. It drizzled most of the day yesterday, giving me the day to watch movies and work on a collage.

Would have gone to Huntington Beach last night to work, but the rain kept me home. Doesn't look like I'll be working this evening either unless it clears up.

I had a nice chat with Chris Karney yesterday (My pal in San Francisco). As usual we spent a fair amount of time taking about the structure, rhythm and delivery of comedy. As I've said in the past, Chris cracks me up and impresses me with the depth of his thinking.

Polly and I are talking about a visit to Northern California next month and we'll probably visit with Chris and his wife in San Fran when we do.

Things are good. Haven't really had too much to say here on the blog, not sure why. Guess I'll just keep doing what makes me happy.

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