Monday, April 30, 2007

Doc Eason. . . what a guy!

I don't know how or why it happens, but for most of my life I've had the opportunity to meet and hang out with most every magician that I've ever wanted to. I had never seen or met Doc, before the meeting at Dean Dills last week. Of course I wanted to meet him, his reputation has reached near legend status and his work in the bar possibly unparalleled.

As a favor, he did an informal performance for about 7 of us in the close up room. He did a clever topological impossibility which I think my dad figured out. . . fooled me. I asked if he was taking requests, he said, "what do you want to see?" I replied, the multiple card selection. Doc was amused that I would be impressed with just 7 cards so when he busted out the trick, he added 4 or 5 other cards for imaginary seat fillers. This is probably what has interested me most about the stories I had heard about Doc. As a HUGE fan of the multiple card selection, I appreciated and studied with a critical eye, his technique and delivery of this classic effect.

I get a warm and genuinely friendly feeling from Doc. I returned to the Magic Castle later that night after work around 11PM to see Doc work the W.C. Fields Bar, was was supposed to work 8-12, but he was in for a long night. Hell, in the hour and a half that I watched him, he turned over the room 3 times. He did Copper Silver Brass, Card Under Glass, Two Card Transposition, Bill in Lemon and a host of other tricks, gags, jokes, & stories. He commands the room and seems most comfortable behind the bar. His misdirection during card under glass scores bonus points as he fooled them again and again. Good times. Watching him bang out 3 shows in a row, gave me a good look at different situations. The first crowd was drunk and it was difficult to get a grip and hit a stride, they weren't letting that happen easily. The next show was tight and the crowd attentive and responsive, the third show was even better.

The best part of the night though, was spending some one on one time with him, talking about our lives in this crazy business and lifestyle. I'd like to thank Doc Eason for taking the time to be a new friend.

Peace Out


Solomon said...

Very nice! I have yet to meet him, but he seems like a nice guy. I would love to see him do his multiple card selection routine live. Come to think of it, i saw you do yours live, and it wasn't too shabby either!

Keep up the great work Tom!

Doc said...

thanks for your kind words, Tom...

it was a pleasure to meet you and exchange notes and viewpoints.

that little dance we did with Kurt was a non incident... problem...