Sunday, April 22, 2007

Session in San Francisco

Having a magic session with Chris Karney is like talking about Nixon with Hunter Thompson. Longwinded rants about what’s wrong with magic, cigarette droppers, body loads, lots of cigarettes and and inhuman amount of liquor.

Polly turned in and Jeanette put a movie on. Chris and I watched a recent performance of his at an old opera house that seated 600. It was a strong 20 minute set with a bunch of new stuff he’s been working on. Good magic, jokes and and exceptionally high ratio of laughs per minute (something chris takes very seriously).

Afterwards we retreated downstairs to his basement workshop. Chris prides himself on his ability to fabricate any prop, gimmick, table, pouch or anything he might need. I appreciate the old school sensibility of working with tools and the ability to problem solve in three dimensions.

Chris lit another cigarette as I puffed on my cigar. I showed him a couple of new things I had been playing with. A couples of interesting effects from the recent Ken Krenzel Genii Issue. One is an interesting trick combining “oil and water” & “Triumph”. The other was a cool technique for penetrating your hand with a coin.

What I like most about Chris is his passion and his drive. He’s making good headway penetrating the comedy club market as he continues to develop his act and his persona.

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Anonymous said...

a shame I didn't know you'd be in SF- I'd have liked to meet you.