Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sunday Night • Groove On

Sunday night Aaron Fisher, his pal Adam and I went to see a Dead Cover Band in Venice. It was great time singing and dancing to the music of the Grateful Dead! Aaron used to see this band regularly when they played a club in Santa Monica every sunday night. That club closed and this was their first week at a new bar, "Club Good Hurt".

The band was particularly good and the lead guitarist mimicked Jerry's sound beautifully. Actually the whole band was tight. They've been playing together as a Dead Cover Band in LA for the last 20 years. They played some unlikely songs like a nice Brent song, the Jerry ballad, "So many Ways" and they finished with an OLD Dead tune called "Cream Puff War" (written in the late 60's). Smiles, Tye-Dye and spinning hippie chicks filled the room and my heart. These are my people.

During the band/smoke break we went outside and had a mini magic session. I busted out a few moves for adam at Aaron's request. Mr. Fisher paid me a nice compliment, he called me an old school card man. Coming from him, that meant a lot.

I showed him the oil and water / triumph trick of Krenzel's out of last month's Genii. I told him I needed some help with the half pass in that routine. I was very appreciative that he took the time, getting me right. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I find Aaron Fisher's understanding of card handling, potentially revolutionary. He is wise beyond his years and a very funny fellow. Glad were gonna try and make Sunday night in Venice a weekly activity. Too bad he's gonna be out of town when his favorite band, "Wide Spread Panic" is here. Guess Adam & I will have to hold down the fort for him.

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