Saturday, June 02, 2007

Cups du jour

Snagged these pics and description off of ebay.

Offered for sale here on eBay are a set of three original Paul Fox chrome cups. These are the self-same cups that Rafael Benatar has been using in performance for the past two years. These cups have been gently used and never abused. Two of the three cups have a couple of dents and dings in them and although I have tried to capture them in the photos they are hard to see.

They in no way detract from the working of the trick, nor do they detract from the overall aesthetics of the cups. If the high bidder so desires, Rafael will send him or her an autographed picture or his signed cups and balls DVD. The reserve price reflects half of the cups actual value. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a set of highly sought after original Paul Fox cups that have a performance history attached to them, having been used by one of the best cups and balls magicians of modern times.

Rafael has a nice big smile on his face because this set of cups sold for a nice $1,125

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