Wednesday, June 20, 2007

HD Video Review

May 18 - 9:12 smoking cigar, start show to music. doing D’lite for a couple of kids. Bring’em in, crowd gathering card tricks. Bring’em in again, building tip, nice shot of audience, Doc Daley’s last trick, turn on music, Great Reaction on change, into Mental Deck Pitch into coin routine to finish up to music pitch at 9:20 tight 8 min. set. maybe an $8 hat

May 24 Hid camera and tripod in a large plant, more on audience than me. 6:34 same set as last time. Looking overweight. At end of Dr. D’s LT. everyone walks away, then comes back, crowd building into pitch, nice reaction on trick, no breathing room in my patter, need to slow way down was going to pass the hat but decided to go into the stripper deck pitch, crowd was building pass hat 6:45 $6 hat

6:58 start next set need to slow down my coin rolls. Whole set is balls to the wall, straight for the throat, buy a deck, tip me or clear out so I can get my next crowd. Go into stripper deck pitch after coin routine. Camera framed on audience faces only. Studying reactions, trying to get in their heads a bit based on what I’m seeing. Passed hat at 7:27

Guest Magician some guy from some place. His push through shuffle control horrible, he had trouble with the surface of my table, t-shirt and blue jeans he probably looks more like a “Street Magician” than I do. Vanished coin appears in deck.

Neon shots of surroundings. The City Walk is an exciting place.

7:13 kid from last show brings his folks back to see the decks, he ends up with a Mental Photography Deck for $20

May 29 - 11:22PM Joe’s All American Bar & Grill. Band footage and a few couples swing dancing. I had met Aye Jaye up there and we hung out for a while. I like to use video to study dance steps. . . or lack of.

June 7th 12:52 - At Sylvester the Jesters workshop. We blocked the Green Ham and Eggs routine and I got familiar with the props. Video tour of his mad scientist laboratory, paintings that he did in high school and college

Danny does a routine with Blinko the Clown puppet for the camera.

June 7th - 7:58 Guest Magician Marcel from South Africa Card Routine. When ever anyone tells me they do magic, I ask the to to something, I then ask if I can video the bit. besides getting to see what they can do I am learning how I want my shots framed when I start my own video project.

8:36 Fountain Court @ the Universal City Walk Flattop Performs


Trickster said...

When I travel around the world to pilfer your cup collection I must remember to grab any video I see. ;)

Marcel said...

Hey, Marcel here!

Hope you enjoyed the routine :)

Hope you can post the video to blog...