Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Looking for a place to live

Sitting here in the office, side by side with my girl. Both of us at our computers, looking at houses to rent. LA is a crazy fucking housing market. We just looked at a listing for a 3 bdr. house right next to the Burbank Airport for $1,800 who are they kidding? Another beautiful beach house in Hermosa Beach for a mere $17,000 a month.

Our landlord was here today with a few real estate agents. Polly overheard them talking about listing it over 600K that will never happen in the soft market we have now. Not with 8 other houses for sale in a 2 block area.

We looked at a couple of houses near us yesterday. They both had a pool and were not much more than what were paying now. One looked nice, the other not for us, with no garage for storage and the landlord living in the back yard.

We love where we live and don't want to move, but all things move forward and so must we. So, I guess we'll start collecting boxes and the packing process. We'll find a place that we'll be happy to call home. We've been so happy this last year, it's been great. I love my girl.

Here are a couple of pics of where we live now


PeaceLove said...

Every change is a new opportunity.

You're living in the place that was Polly's, right? If so, this is your chance to pick a place together and make it yours as a couple. Maybe this move is a blessing in disguise!

Trickster said...

ditto to Peacelove, time for you and Polly to find a home together.

Good luck

holy brother said...

give tony a call, he lives right down the block from you and may rent you space in his home. it doesn't hurt to ask...