Friday, July 13, 2007

Loving the new house

Our bedroom is 25' x 25'ft. French doors open out to the bricked patio. Polly has created a paradise of plants, cactus and succulents. The patio extends to the back yard where we pick fresh off the tree, apples, figs and limes. I started the day with a morning cigar out back. We're still getting settled and starting to hang some of the many pieces of framed art that we have.

At the last house, my old "magic shop" neon sign hung in the garage. I decided to call the owner of The Magic Apple Magic Shop on Ventura and see if he wanted to hang it in his window. He did, so I dropped it off this afternoon. It shined 20 hours a day for a decade in Cincinnati and another couple of years at Seattle Magic. It was designed and built to hang in a magic shop window, now after a few years of retirement it can again fulfill its purpose.

Work has been great. Had a nice chat with some NLP Practitioners. We discussed the power of NLP as it relates to our work. I demonstrated both the 3 and the Zingone Mental problems, both succeeded as I intended. I guess I'm liking working 6 nights a week. It's a short day, I'm there for 4 hours and probably only perform 3 of that. I still get to work in 10 minutes leaving the house at 5:30PM. Not many people in LA can say that! I love my job, but I love coming home even more. Polly greets me at the door with a kiss and say's "Welcome home".

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