Friday, July 27, 2007

Off to work

Getting excited about going to work in a few minutes! Another 6-10PM shift to see if I can get it right. It's really about having fun and being loose. Jive with the mutherfuckers if you know what I'm saying. Had a great day fighting off the heat in the San Fernando Valley, a bit of Asian Buffet. . . cause Polly won't go to any kind of buffet with me. Did that for lunch, went to the club for a dip, did some stretching took a shower, put on some of Polly's Jasmine lotion and I'm ready to rock n roll!! The key to having killer evenings at work is to do as little as possible during the day. All I know is I'm ready to work. Out of Mental Photography Decks indefinitely. . . fuck. . . but plenty of stripper decks. . . just need to tweak the formula a bit. Gonna have fun. Got loads for the cups (think I'll use the RnT II Phoenix II cups this evening with the pouch), haven't done them in over a week or so. Also thinking about throwing in "Between your palms" with the tricky wallet. Always a crowd pleaser. If you haven't seen the trick look at the clip. (Between, Elmsly Brown & Himber from the Kabbla)

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