Friday, July 27, 2007

Week in Review

Monday - Got the new Klosterman “Salon de Magie” book in the mail. Really a must for any serious collector. I feel very fortunate to know Ken as well as I do and to have had such open access to him and his amazing collection, over the years.

Tuesday - A nice walk on the beach in Santa Monica, followed up by a stroll down the Promenade. Picked up a book at Barnes and Noble, “Shakey” A Neil Young Biography.

Wednesday - Magic in the air. Spent the afternoon at Dean Dill’s Barber Shop, always a good time. Went to the Castle later that evening after work. Saw my old pal Mickey O’Connor, who was there working in the Palace of Mystery. Did not see his set, but spent some time chatting, with him, at the bar and in his dressing room backstage. Watched Eric Mead perform in the WC Fields Bar in the basement. I had never seen him work before and I have to say I was impressed. Also hung out with Vinney “The Godfather of Magic” as well as Howard Hamburg. We geeked out pretty good on some card and coin tricks. As I was leaving, I talked a little with John Lovick and Andrew Goldenhersh. All in all a good evening at the Castle.

Thursday - Lounged around the house all day, did as little as possible. Took a nice nap in the afternoon before leaving for work.

Friday - Sitting in bed with the laptop. French doors wide open as the cool morning breeze blows. Today I will conquer the world, then take a nap.

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Anonymous said...

You will have a GREAT time reading Shakey. Neil is a real trickster. His story inspires.

- Baby Greenberg