Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Deck Order

Tonight I treated myself to a fresh pack of cards. I love peeling the shrink wrap and cracking the seal with my thumbnail. Pitch the jokers and the ad cards. I usually spend a while breaking in a deck of cards, but tonight as soon as I was set up and the deck opened, I had an audience. I showed the new deck by ribbon spreading it face up in a semi circle. I pointed out the new deck order and starting shuffling and cutting the deck. I'm doing this to music, trying to synchronize my motions to the beat and the feel of the song. Another ribbon spread reveals that not one card has actually moved and the cards are in the same order as when we started. I perform it understated to meager applause. Couldn't help myself with the new deck and all. Another preliminary card routine demonstrates the beauty and elegance of a new pack of cards. The finish exquisite and the deck breaking in nicely. Have to be a little careful with my doubles as to prevent any unwanted slippage.

Really enjoying work. Show up late, leave early, do what I got to do, to get it done. Street performing is an adventure. I'm so lucky and blessed to have the skill and the talent to make a living doing what I love.

We had a little dinner party over the weekend. Polly's friend Maria who does wardrobe on CSI: NY joined us as well as Ruth who does hair for Jersey Boys and her friend Carlos. I love asking Polly's industry friends lots of questions. I really do feel like I've been on a self guided education on the television and film industry. That said, I'm glad I 'm a street performer. There's no business, like show business!

Polly outdid herself in the kitchen and we enjoyed a delicious meal. It wasn't a late night as Maria and Polly both had call times before 6AM. These guys work crazy hours. I count my blessings every day.

Bla Bla Bla

Life is good

I talked to my youngest son Liam, on the phone. He just turned 6 years old. I wanted to see if he got the big box of Bionacles I sent him. He did and he liked the gift. It was great to hear his voice.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow, make take a beach walk in Malibu

I love my life.

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