Friday, August 31, 2007

Paradise Cove, Malibu

When it gets really hot in the valley, I head to the coast. Up the 101, through the Santa Monica Mtns. and Malibu Canyon. A nice drive to the beach. Thought about going to Zuma or Point Doom, but the nostalgia of the Rockford Files, a show I used to love, I was attracted to Paradise Cove where Rockford lived. A popular shooting location, it's always been curious to me.

I pulled off the PCH and down into the cove. I had cocktails and some food in mind at the Piradise Cove Cafe. I read my Neil Young Biography while enjoying a drink and some calamari in the sun on the beach. Just a beautiful day with a nice ocean breeze.

After lunch I took a nice cigar walk on the beach. Hot chicks in bikini's. . . . you got to like this place!

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