Sunday, August 26, 2007


Rotten motherfucker! He yelled before getting smacked in the back of the head with his own skateboard. Fucker! He took two more hits to the face, one on the jaw, the other in the eye.

All this over a card trick!? It wasn't even a card trick, it was an extreme card manipulation sequence. So Mouse takes a beating for messing with the wrong guys move. Thats harsh, but that the way it became after the mess at the back alley competition. Those dudes were out for blood with their razor thin stainless steel playing cards. The fine scroll work on the faint Aristocrat back made these metal cards as beautiful as the were dangerous. A one of a kind deck owned and manipulated by a fierce dude named Rectum. 6'4" a big man with giant hands or maybe I should call them 5 fingered callus. Not only are the cards razor thin, but they are actually sharpened razors on the edges. Nutty I know, but this tattoo clad, body pierced moron, made these cards dance a hypnotic and inspired kinetic sculpture. Outrageous! He likes to hand the deck out and ask someone to shuffle it. They grab it and soon find out by the blood dripping from their hands what's up. Welcome to the big city, hope your strapped with a card clip and a baseball bat.

Street magic isn't what it used to be, somehow now it's a part of the urban warfare landscape. I watched a fellow do a show where a guy was heckling him. He got real close to the guy, then pimp slapped him, calling him a bitch.

What's happening to the world? Another busker, an escape artist ripped off while tied up in a straight jacket and chains.

Maybe I should have listened to my father and finished high school and went to college. Got a real job and lived a normal life.


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