Friday, September 14, 2007

The blank page daunting. Wanting to write, but have nothing to say.

A young girl walking with her mother, holding hands. They cross the street with the light and see a guy sitting on the ground, leaning up against a garbage can. He smells and needs a shower and a shave. His clothes are tattered and his hair matted. As they walk by, the little girl asks the guy, “what are you doing?” He answers, “I don’t know?” The mother looks down disapprovingly. “Where is your mommy?” she asks the stranger. He looks at her as if she was a little alien or something. The little girl reaches into her kiddie handbag and takes out a wet nap, a straw and a napkin and says, “You might need these”. She hands them to the guy and they leave.

Been spending A LOT of time listening to Neil Young and reading his biography. The soundtrack to my life. All those years, all those songs. Blurry memories of someone I used to be. I think I have just about everything he ever put out and some bootlegs on top of that.

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