Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Fisher King

Marketing is when you motivate someone to pick up the phone.

As a subscriber to Aaron Fisher's online mailing list, I received an email today, with a link to Aaron's Blog. He's started an interesting discussion about the pass, as well as sharing a bit about Theory11. Always a good read, Aaron has no trouble breaking things down in ways that I can understand.

I hadn't talked to him all summer, so I figured I'd give him a call. We made quick plans to have lunch in 20 minutes. I met him at his Hollywood apartment and he was excited to unveil a trick that he showed me months ago as an idea. Now it was fully fleshed out product, a dvd with 45 minutes of performance, instruction, psychology and real life experience.

I typically don't watch magic dvd's. I don't know why not, I just don't. But when a friend gives me one, It's hard not to want to see their work. It's good clean, commercial magic, that will entertain and fool. Hell it looked so easy, I could probably pull it off. Now that's got the making of a good seller.

You got to like a guy who names a trick after his favorite psychedelic rock band. The trick is "Panic" with the advanced handling "Wide Spread Panic". Straight forward and visual. Well shot and edited. Very comprehensive. Aaron's years on the lecture circuit and his comfort level in front of a variety of audiences and venues, makes him a natural on this dvd. He's calm, he's focused, as he discuses focus and tension (a couple of his favorite topics).

We had lunch at his favorite Peruvian restaurant not too far from his place. The food delicious and the conversation relevant and interesting. Hanging with Aaron always sends me home thinking about a bunch of different things, from card tricks to marketing, the internet, content and spicy fish.

It was a nice afternoon of magic.

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