Thursday, September 06, 2007


September is here. Today was my fathers 71st birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!! He was in NYC at the South Street Seaport when I chatted with him today. He sounded great.

Last night I went to listen to some live big band music at Joe's in Burbank. Excellent 14 piece jazz band crammed into this little club. The dance floor was packed when people dancing, west coast swing, lindy hop, charleston, cha cha and dances I didn't recognize. All a beautiful swirl of color and energy from the bandstand to the dance floor. I had a good time but was a chicken shit about asking any girls to dance. Need to get over that. I'm taking Tuesday nights in Sept. off to go again and again and see if I can get it right. I just want a place where I can go dance every week like I did in Seattle, where I can make friends and have a little community. I watched some inspired dancing. Hot young bodies, with fully articulated hips. Dirty dancing ending in a sagging dip. I like Joe's, unassuming joint close by, great new acts every week, no cover charge.

Today I had lunch with Polly. I met her at Paramount and was walked on to the sound stage where they shoot Dirty, Sexy, Money. They were finishing up a few shots taken from the perspective of inside an elevator looking out. Hair and make-up huddled on their chairs in video village. Lunch was called and Polly gave me a brief tour of some of the sets. The first episode airs in a couple weeks and everyone is hoping it will be well received. The PR machine has been churning and billboards and press are a buzz with the new show.

This could be called the making of a hit TV show or not. I'll keep you posted. I think it's all very exciting and fascinating to see how everyone's hard work comes together.

We had lunch at Astro Burger around the corner from their base camp, a Paramount owned parking lot used to cram a bunch of trailers (Hair/Make Up, Wardrobe, each star has his own trailer) in.

Met a fellow magician who works on the show. We did a few tricks back in Polly's trailer for the gang. Fun stuff in Hollywood.

Afterwards I picked up Vaclav and we went to Bronson Canyon for a short hike. He showed me the Bat Cave and a nice view of the Hollywood sign. He got a call back on a show. Some sort of mentalist reality show, first introduced to Israeli audiences with Uri Geller as the host. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. He need something good to happen right now. I'm gonna give him a crash course on how to be a street performer.

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