Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quick, Robin. . . . to the Bat Cave Na Na Na Na Na Na

Just a short drive from Hollywood Blvd. is a site that's been the backdrop for shows and movies for decades. Most famous as the Bat Cave, it's also been used in Star Trek, Bonanza , Gunsmoke , Little House on the Prairie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and dozens of other shows and movies.

This area was originally a rock quarry where rock was crushed to build surrounding roads like Sunset Blvd. Now it's a small back corner of Griffith Park.

Besides the caves, there's a nice park with playground equipment, more trails, and Camp Hollywood, an inexpensive city camp for girls.

From the front you see one entrance, but inside it splits into three which all exit into the quarry hollow. As you exit head to the left and you can see a wonderful view of the Hollywood sign.

The Batcave: Bronson Canyon

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Timmy Jimmy said...

Thanks Tom, that brought back some GREAT memories... soon, that is all I will have ... memories!