Sunday, September 02, 2007


Blaring Lonnie Johnson as the afternoon slips away. Thinking about my life and what’s going on. All I want to do is make good art and feel like I’m making the world a better place, one smile at a time.

I’ve been motivated and acted on more than a few impulses and dreams through the years. For the last few years I’ve been regrouping and healing from a devastating divorce and estrangement from my kids.

Got to say I’m feeling pretty damn good these days. I have the time and energy to do anything I set my mind to. . . now the question is, what do I want to do.

I make enough money to pay all my bills, but I could be making a lot more money, if I thought that was important. The older I get the more I understand, that the status quo isn’t going to be good enough if I ever want to retire. Hell, I’ve felt like I’ve been retired for the last couple of years. Does it get better than this?

Thinking about my art in different terms today. What’s next, another round of manufacturing? Another retail store, a departure from magic into something different?

Who knows what unlikely shit I’ll think up, but it’s bound to be fun.


Hannibal said...

2 Words.
Dinner Theater.

Anonymous said...

2 Words.
Head Shop.