Sunday, September 30, 2007

There's No Business Like Show Business

Somethings happening deep inside
I don't know but I want to cry

My ear is dripping
I don't know why

My kids are tripp’en
I want to die

Time flies like a banana
we make our beds and we sleep in them.

We had a Seattle day on Friday
All overcast and shit
never rained but looked ugly.

Days like that are so far and few between
that you feel like you have to soak it up.

Another perfect day today. Blue skies and sunny. Work should be good.

Polly and the Dirty Sexy Money gang continue to work crazy hours trying to make a TV show people will want to watch.

We went to a party last night at a coworkers house in Eagle Rock (near Pasadena). Polly has lots of cool friends. I met the costume designer for Scrubs and the Office. An Assistant Director who once did a movie called Magicians. A composer as well as some of the gang from hair and make up. I’m all questions in these situations. Everyone was really nice about answering all of my questions. It’s been a bit of casual study of the industry. How things get done and who does them. Department heads break down the script for their departments. AD’s break down the script for every department. I love this shit and could talk all of their ears off for hours.

I feel for all these tired, stressed and overworked TV & Film prisoners. They make great money doing what they love, but they trade their lives for it, to live for the weekends, on which they’re too tired to want to do more than catch up on the shit they needed to get done during the week.

Fascinating stuff! And the product is designed to take your mind off your job. Ironic huh?

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Anonymous said...

Black hole Sun won't you come and wash away the rain, black hole sun won't come, won't ya come.....