Friday, October 26, 2007

bla bla bla

A current interest of mine is studying the way magic and magicians are represented in contemporary television and film. I find it utterly fascinating how alive our ancient art is in today's society. Copperfield, Blaine, & Angel have become a part of the vocabulary of the television watching pubic. People know these guys, understand what their trip is, and buy into it by watching, or not, by hitting that button on the remote. I can remember a day when you had to get off your ass to change the channel. Laziness has made a fickle public. . . more fickle.

A TiVo feature records any show with the word Magician. So, I’m seeing everything TV Land has to offer, about my chosen art. A nice segment on some channel with a show about vacation homes featured the Amazing Jonathan and his beautiful 5,ooo sq. ft. home in Vegas. Watching the segment made me recall the wild time I had there. I was assisting Sylvester the Jester, opening for Amazing Jonathan for a week at the Sahara, last year. I had a memorable time in that house.

Life is good. The week has been weak, but I’m sure I’ll make it up this weekend. I have my first real LA Gig!! Sylvester the Jester threw it my way. It’s kind of strange, but I’ve done this sort of thing before. A performance during cocktail hour before dinner. . . . . for 6 people. I’m all in and it will be a great show. There are certain things you can do in this intimate atmosphere, that you can’t do elsewhere.

Polly Lucke thinks that I should marry her for her medical and dental insurance. . . that would be a good trick.


Anonymous said...

Polly Lucke is a smart woman, and you are damned lucky to have someone care about you so much that she's willing to do that for you. DO IT!!!

(You can have a wedding cake made out of circus peanuts carmel and multi coloursed sprinkles - and I'll even come to the wedding if you'll do it!)

Anonymous said...

The wedding would be fun, but could you imagine the bachelor party?! Wow. It would be a serious convergence of Frank-magic fanboys and weirdos. Vegas would never be the same.