Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dirty Sexy Money Shooting Location

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Yesterday I enjoyed spending a couple of hours on location in Pasadena. I try and time my arrival with lunch being served. Base camp was set up a mile a way in an Elks Club Parking lot, but but catering was set up in front and on the side of the house. Polly had been on site since 5:12 AM. I was rolling in near 2 PM. Just a gorgeous day!

Took a stroll around the estate, must be in the 25 million dollar range for a house like this, in this beautiful old neighborhood. They had been shooting outside in the morning and were turning around to shoot a couple of scenes indoors. The billiard room downstairs was being used as an auxillery hair and make up area for touch ups. They got the actors ready in their trailer at base camp, took the shuttle to the location then touched them up as needed on set.

I thought it was cool to hang out with some of the stars before they starting shooting. Video village was set up off the right of the foyer, Polly's set chair was behind video village in a large formal living room. I sat behind the script supervisor and the director as the scene played out around the corner.

Cool stuff, I learn more about the process every time I watch. Had an interesting chat with a woman named Bonnie, one of the camera operators. We talked about HD 24P. I love this stuff.

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