Thursday, October 04, 2007

Magicians portrayed in Films and on TV

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Added a movie to our Netflix queue because it starred Forrest Whitaker and I like his acting. A new film I had never heard of called Even Money. It was listed under recent releases. Like the movie CRASH, the story interweaves the random connections that people make. I certainly didn't expect one of the characters to be a washed up magician played by Danny DeVito. I liked the movie, some good killing, interesting story, good cast. Curious how a movie like this goes straight to video.

I study the entertainment industry. More specifically in this town, the television and film industry. Lately Magic has peen popping up here and there on both the big and little screens. The Illusionist, The Prestige, Shade, Chris Angel, Darren Brown, Even Money, an episode of Matlock filmed at the Magic Castle, again on Perry Mason. Yes I think it's cool, but it has caused me to look at how these characters are portrayed in their roles.

Are magicians really so dysfunctional that one might kill another over a secret? This bothers me a bit, that the word magician is brought up when allegations of child molestation are voiced. Would the headline read the same if the guy was a mechanic or a stamp collector. . . I doubt it.

The magician character in Even Money is an insufferable, (as many magicians are), tip grubbing has been, or never was, deluded that he's going to make a come back while being a compulsive gambler, in the end he hangs himself.

What can we a magicians do, to work on our own PR and that of our art, to say to the public personally, "This is my art and this is why it's important to me! My life is not the punch-line to someone else's joke about a guy pulling a rabbit out of a hat."


Timmy Jimmy said...

What can we do? Quit being antagonistic magicians that lord it over those that don't know how we did what we did. Treat our art and the audience, our paying customers with respect and you will get respect back. Have fun with your magic and the fun will come back at you....
enjoy the journey...

Anonymous said...

As much as magic is an art and beloved by many, fundamentally, you all lie to people for a living. There is an essence of power and control in the unbalanced relationship of one person "fooling" another that some people find very distrubing. You possess the ability to deceive. Therefore it is not surprising that magicians are portrayed in a less than stellar light in popular culture.

I know most readers here would be hesitant to see themselves as such, but be the change you wish to see. Write a screen play that puts magicians in a positive light. Or just make David Blaine disappear for good.
(That's do it for me!)

Craft on!