Sunday, October 21, 2007

October numbers down

In October, I've had to switch things up a bit on key nights (Friday's and Saturday nights). Because of peak traffic on these nights for a Halloween event, there are no street performers allowed where I normally work on those nights. So, I've had to work 12-5PM instead of my normal 6-10PM shift. This has caused my earnings to be off this month since the City Walk doesn't really gel up until 4 or 5PM. Friday, I left the City Walk around 7PM. Feeling as though I wanted to try and pick it up a bit I went to Hollywood and Highland where I traded off shows with Daniel Davenport and a young man named Matt.

I liked hanging with the boys. There's something to be said about youthful enthusiasm. I explained to them both that the idea was to have a finite amount of time to make it happen, 10 or 15 minutes. If it wasn't happening it would go to the next guy. I thought we could have some fun and create some momentum. We all did shows, had some fun and made some money.

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I like what Daniel said at one point, "This is the hardest way to make an easy living." I agree. Get the crowd, keep the crowd, get the money. . . . that's what Cellini taught me, and that's what we all tried to do.

Hollywood and Highland was hopping! It's a very exciting place to be. It has a Times Square feel about it which is funny because it was all that long ago it was a crack and hooker neighborhood. Times change, Times Square and Hollywood Blvd. have booth been Disneyfied and made into respectable, clean and fun tourist destinations.

We hung out, talked magic, made some money and did our best to make people happy. it was a good night all around.

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