Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On TV • The War Illusionist (2001)

Deception plays a key role in combat, and this has never been taken further--the Trojan Horse excepted--than by the British during World War II. Bedeviled by the brilliant strategies of Erwin Rommel in Africa, the English explored every available avenue for help, including enlisting the talents of the magician Jasper Maskelyne.

THE WAR ILLUSIONIST uses rare photos, the recollections of people involved and expert analysis from modern magicians to reveal how Maskelyne turned the North African desert into an elaborate set, employing the talents he had learned entertaining audiences to trick Nazi commanders. Using camouflage and deception, he made the Suez Canal disappear, moved Alexandria Harbor and made a British squadron suddenly materialize in the desert!

Join HISTORY'S MYSTERIES for a fascinating look at one of the most unlikely--and successful--"warriors" of World War II.

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PeaceLove said...

Er, I hate to burst your bubble, Tom, but the site below offers an extremely convincing debunking of most of the claims made by both The War Magician author David Fisher and by Maskelyne himself.

Worth a look, at least.