Sunday, October 21, 2007


Life is such a trip. Ups and downs, Drastic polar spectrums in a dimension somewhere between reality and something else. The place where people go during near death experiences, or the place in someone's mind where magic can be real.

Santa Ana winds blow in all sorts of shit that are playing hell on my sinuses. Malibu fires destroy beach front property. Copperfield denies allegation's of raping a Seattle woman in the Bahamas, saying "I wouldn't fuck her with Hans Klock's cock".

I don't think he did it. David Copperfield can fuck anyone he wants on his private island. This is a guy who was banging Claudia Schiffer for Gods sake. I guess time will reveal all the sordid details of some evening gone awry. It's a shame there's such a market for these kinds of stories. It must drive the rich and famous crazy.

Back to the real world. . . I got a letter from Max. It was great to here from him. I had left a phone message for him asking him what he wanted for his birthday. It was a short letter but it let me know that he loves me and misses me. He sounds good and happy.

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