Thursday, October 18, 2007


Another day in paradise. Polly got the day off for bad behavior. Apparently she hacked off the head of a coworker and served it up to her department head under glass with an apple in the mouth. She was sent home with a strong reprimand and a smirk.

Guess who wins. . . I do. We had a lovely day lounging around in bed and a field trip to Costco. God forbid we run out of Crown Royal or pot. Only in California can you go to the pharmacy at Costco and with your medical marijuana card, score some high grade low cost California Funk Bud. Right On!

Just a beautiful day. It was nice to sit out back with my girl. Our Lilac bush is flowering and smells divine. I'm out there a lot, every day, while my secret double probation wife, is trading her life to make people happy Wednesday nights at 10 on ABC.

Life is good, I am getting quite an education about the television and film industry. With writer, actor and teamster strikes looming this shit could cripple this town. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. In the meantime, shows claw away at the ratings and attention spans. Who know what show will capture the hearts and the imaginations of the masses and which ones will be cut and when.

There is a mind numbing amount of money riding on these things and really it's all a crap shoot. What I love most about my study of the industry is that at no point am I trying to infiltrate it. Just watching, listening, learning. Everyone in this town is trying to make something happen for themselves. Me, I'm happy to chill and work as little as possible.

I turned down the only gig offer of the year. An agent wanted me to do 4 hours of strolling for $300 in Bel Air this weekend, I told him to take a hike. My prices are on my Industrial Strength Magic site and haven't changed in 10 years. I haven't done a gig all year. Funny thing is, I think I'm doing better financially as a street performer than I was taking every bullshit show that comes my way. There's an insidious cycle in this town feeds on raw flesh. People so deluded in their own dreams that they think that paying an agent (up front) to find the $100 a day extra work is going to lead to their big break. I guess it could happen, but I don't think it's likely.

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