Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A visit to the Magic Castle

Got a call from Aye Jaye last week inviting me to the Magic Castle to see him work. He was the MC in the Palace of Mystery Show. I like Aye Jaye and I liked his act. He's a second generation "Carney" and his performance revolved around stories about life on the carnival midway, scamming marks and barking for the sideshow freaks. He was trying out a new effect in his act, the knife through the coat. It played well and got a good reaction.

Also on the same bill was Murray (the CD guy). An enjoyable manipulation act. I remember when he hit the scene a decade ago. A fresh new look with a youthful appeal. Somewhere along the line, he turned into Prince. Very skinny with a androgynous look and a lot of eye liner.

Working the Close-Up Gallery was none other than Paul Gertner. I've always had a great deal of respect for his work. A clever magician, an original thinker and a top notch business man. A few years back I had the opportunity to see his one man show "Ten Fingers". In his close up show, he featured a couple of his signature pieces, his "Unshuffled" routine and his "Cups and Steel Balls" routine. I never thought that I would consider these classic routines or have them make me feel nostalgic, but strangely, I do.

I stopped in the library to visit with Billy Goodwin, Alonzo Clark was working the behind the bar downstairs. Always pleasure to chat with Mr. Goodwin who said he's had something in his desk drawer for a couple of months, waiting for me to stop in. It was two CD's. MIckey Hart's Barn Jam 8.21.71 w/ Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, Merl Saunders, David Crosby, Nickey Hopkins and John Cipollina (who recorded the jam session on reel to reel). Thanks Billy. I rocked out in the ethereal ozone.

Caught another act in the Parlor of Prestidigitation , a young man from Chicago named David Kovac. Fresh act, well presented. Did a nice "Magic Square" routine. Best part about it was it was entertaining and magical.

Well, off to Pasadena to visit Polly for lunch. They're shooting on location there in a mansion. Should be cool. I'm sure the catered lunch will be delicious and I'm looking forward to a nice cigar walk in a ritzy neighborhood.

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