Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dirty Sexy Money Shooting Location

Went to have lunch with Polly where they were shooting yesterday. Los Angeles Center Studios is a full-service studio anchoring a constellation of entertainment-related companies on a 20-acre campus just west of downtown Los Angeles. The supportive, synergistic environment has created a dynamic community for individuals in the film, television, music, gaming, and other creative industries. They pride ourselves on being a customer service-focused resort for the entertainment industry. With 450,000 square feet of ‘Class A’ and production office space, six state-of-the-art sound stages, a backlot with numerous practical locations, and a full range of services and amenities available on-site, LACS is widely considered Los Angeles’ premier independent studio.

Very cool and always interesting to learn some tricks of the trade. Like how to make a lobby of a building look like baggage claim at an airport.

We had catered lunch with an army of extras, I got my mustache trimmed in the hair and make-up trailer. After lunch, it was back to the grind stone for everyone except me. I took up position behind video village and watched a bit of shooting.

Fake, fake, fake: Hot dog cart, fake. NYC Taxi, fake. NYC Street sign fake. . . and were not even gonna talk about the tits in this town.

Two notes of interest, Tim Matheson is directing this episode and Lolita Davidovich is a special guest. Always fun to watch movie stars at work. . . I think.

I just burned a hole in the front of my shirt, dropped cigar ash! Where is wardrobe when you need them. I’ll be needing a fresh shirt before we shoot.

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