Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Harvey & Ras

Harvey went home earlier this week. It sure was good spending some time with my old buddy. We met in the late 70’s at the JCC. I think we might have been in a show together or something. Then we attended high school together at the School for the Creative and Performing Arts. Harvey, Polly and I talked about the old days at SCPA. Troubled times for all of us. . . but a LOT of fun.

Harvey was only in town for a few days. Both Ras and I wanted to show him a good time without too much running around. One evening we drove out to Malibu to survey the property that Ras and his wife bought and are building on. Fucking awesome!!! 4 acres of undeveloped canyon land with an ocean view. On the Ventura County line a tad north of Zuma Beach on the PCH, it will take urban sprawl a decade to encroach on these pioneers. What’s now a pile of dirt, will be their home for the rest of their lives.

The next day we met Polly, who was working on the back lot at Paramount. We got a brief golf cart tour on our way to where Dirty Sexy Money was shooting. A gallery interior on New York St. with lots of extras. I don’t know if harvey thinks it’s as cool as I do, but I love going on set. After lunch at Astro Burger we Polly gave us a little tour of the Darlings Apartment Interior. All cool shit!

Another afternoon and evening we started out in Venice Beach checked out the freak scene there then headed up to Santa Monica for a Sushi Dinner on the Promenade. LA is a fantastic city with so much going on, really a very exciting place to live.

Harvey found me my first house with Moira, on his street in Hartwell, a suburb of Cincinnati. We were buds. I met Ras through Harv in the early 90's when Moira and I started attending some Grateful Dead shows through the mid west. Seems like a lifetime ago. Always nice to see old friends. . . well not always. . . the the ones you like. . . you know what I mean.

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