Monday, November 12, 2007

A New Week

A new day in paradise. Glad last week is over. Rough week at work had me doubting my ability. Cheap and unresponsive crowds had me scratching my head and looking for a cocktail after work. You see, the thing is. . . I don't even like booze. It's the taste, I don't like. . . the buzz was what I was looking for. Anyway, other than a rough week at work, things were fine. I count me blessings daily.

Last night things finally came together for me. All week end, since I couldn't attend the Magic History Conference, I choose to celebrate and study the history of my art by examining and resurrecting a staple in my act for years. . . the Cups and Balls. Last night my shows were artful, entertaining and were met with applause and the best money of the week.

I went back and forth from talking through my Cups and Balls to simply using some appropriate Chaplin music. Very interesting the difference in reaction the same routine got. It got me thinking how and why this ancient trick still plays in this wild and crazy world we live in. The final loads are revealed and mouths still drop. There's a reason the classics are just that.

Fuck, what do I have to complain about. I've been chipping golf balls out in the back yard, enjoying a Hollywood fall/winter sunshine and trying to keep up with my tan. We had a couple of Seattle Days last week. A bit chilly and overcast, but today it was in the mid seventies when Polly got me up at nine. Blue skies and sunny in the morning means only one thing to me. . . a cigar, bagel and some nude sun bathing on the new day bed on the patio. Waaaaaaa poor me.

I finally finished reading "The Man That Was Erdnase". Excellent read, a true murder mystery of the card shark Milton Franklin Andrews. Nobody knows for sure if he was the author of the Bible of Card Magic, "The Expert at the Card Table", but the strong evidence in "The Man That Was Erdnase" leads the reader to conclude just that.

The book was a fascinating look into the written history of card magic and card cheating. Combining the extensive research of Martin Gardner and Jeff Busby the book brought a smile to my face and a deck of cards to my hands.

If you don't have this out of print treat, there's another one ebay that will sell on Wednesday. I suggest you buy it. Click Here for Ebay Listing

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Timmy Jimmy said...

You funny man! i went to see the ebay listing and noticed that there are 220 visits to it. Now I wonder how many because of you!? lol...