Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Old Friends

Been spending some time with some old friends. Harvey Weinstein, visiting from Cincinnati and Ras who lives in Malibu. Harvey, I've known since high school, Ras (also from Cincinnati), I met when I started going to some Dead shows with them in the early 90's. Great fun and many fond memories. It's been fun to remember all the crap we pulled as high school kids. Polly, Harvey and I all attended the School For the Creative and Performing Arts in downtown Cincinnati, a school that both myself and my son Buster were both kicked out of.

Harvey and I met Polly in Hollywood at a good Peruvian Restaurant. We enjoyed a delicious meal, then;Polly headed back to work and Harv and I headed out to Malibu to see where Ras and his wife are building a home high in an largely undeveloped Malibu Canyon, North of Zuma Beach at the Ventura County line.

Watched the sun set and enjoyed the beautiful colors. We took a cigar walk on the beach and saw none other than Cheech Marin hanging out waving at some kid who was surfing. We smiled at him, he smiled back. . . walked on the beach. then, we drove up into the canyon less than 10 minutes from the ocean to Ras's property. Amazing star lit sky.

Pizza in Malibu, the back home. Life is good in Paradise.

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