Saturday, November 24, 2007


Nice Thanksgiving, nice evening at work last night. Nice, nice, nice. Another picture perfect day here in sunny California. Santa Anna winds blowing in warmer air from the desert. Not good for brush fires in Malibu, but good for morning sunbathing in N. Hollywood.

Nothing going on too much lately, just laying low, enjoying the passage of time. Work is turning around for me. Not sure if it’s the holiday season, or just my new direction of an all music set. I’m getting better reactions and hats. All part of the learning process. Been pushing my crowds out a bit more making my circle larger. Do what’cha can, know what I mean?

Polly had Thursday and Friday off so we’ve been enjoying some extra time with each other. Best friends, and very happy together. Lots of time spent in each others arms, lips locked and staring into each others eyes. Lots of fun. . . I think.

Waiting for my iPod to finish charging, think I'll rearrange my street show playlist to a new 3 song show.

1) 4 Ace Routine:Fancy Production into Dr. Daley's Last Trick to Jamie Cullum doing "I get a kick out of you"
2) Coin Routine, coin rolls, roll out to star, vanish and reproduction, coin falling up to Charlie Chaplin's "The Circus:Magician
3) Cups and Balls to Charlie Chaplin's " "The Gold Rush"

I've been breaking it up and doing the Stripper Deck Pitch after the coin routine, but it drags the tempo of the show down, in my opinion. All a work in progress. NO Mental Photography Decks for weeks, not sure if or when I will see more. That doesn't make me happy and messes with my income to put it bluntly.

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