Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Street Performing

Street performing is a humbling experience, I routinely have my ego served up to me, usually, cut up in bite size pieces. Sometimes you go off on some poor motherfucker, the culmination of aggravating experiences over the course of a rough evening. It doesn’t make me feel good to admit that I let a teenager get under my skin. Shit, they're just teenagers, that’s their job. It’s very important to keep my eye on the ball. What I’m talking about is taking everything in stride. This is a tough town by anybody's standards. Deal with the pitch, with love in my heart and a smile of my face. Entertain, mystify and hopefully show the poor bastards a good enough time that they’ll part with some of their cash.

Like Flat Top told me, “I want to be good enough that even the ignorant people get it.”

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