Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chris Korn • House Party Performance

Went to a gig with my pal Chris Korn. He was entertaining at a nice Sherman Oaks home not far from where I live. The event, a 44th Wedding Anniversary Party. My purpose of being there was to video tape the gig.

We both agree that these types of gigs are wonderful opportunities to have some fun. Smaller audiences and a close-up show give the magical entertainer a good look into the hearts and minds of every person in the audience.

Chris gave an hour and twenty minute performance with a brief intermission to snack and refill drinks.

In the 20+ years I’ve know Chris, I had never seen him work for “real people”. I’ve seen some of his television performances, but this was my first time seeing him live. He did a great show and entertained the group thoroughly. The video turned out nicely and I edited it down to an hour of solid magic.

The best word I can use to describe how I felt was. . . proud. I’ve watched Chris grow up and mature, as a person, a magician and a performer.

How lucky I am to have such talented friends.

Chris is now back in St. Louis celebrating the holidays with his family.

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Anonymous said...

Any plans to post all or part of the video?