Monday, December 10, 2007

Dirty Sexy Money Lunchtime

Forever winging it. Trying to figure it out as I go. Life plods on and moves forward, like a line of preschoolers, all out and about, with one hand on a tow line with evenly spaced knots to hold.

Little chilly today, unless your in the sun. . . which I am. Enjoying a nice smoke in the back yard before, I go to work in a couple of hours. Met Polly at Paramount to go to lunch.

Shared a golf cart with Donald Sutherland on our way back to the trailer. He was standing up in the back holding on to the roof of the cart, looking like a parade marshall with that white head of hair of his and sporting a tuxedo. Polly was driving and thinking that if he fell, her career was over.

It’s fun visiting Polly at work. I’m getting friendly with some of the cast and crew and while doing a little impromptu performance in the hair and make-up trailer, got to entertain Blaire Underwood with a quick card trick between scenes.

Another early day for the Dirty Sexy Money gang. Polly had a 4:42AM call time this morning. I was getting ready for bed when she was waking up. So we got to spend some wee hour cuddling in bed before she had to get up and go.

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