Friday, December 28, 2007

HD Video Review

HD Video Library


April 2007 • I think this was the first tape I shot in HD

April 12th Polly in Living room 6430 Charlesworth

April 13th 11:37AM Backyard and Driving w/ Polly

April 13th 7:00PM Jersey Jim working the City Walk

Cups & Balls interesting shoot from the bridge above

Alfie in 24P

Duck Boy and Cinema Plaza



April/May 2007

April 28th Hanging w/ Gordy

May 1st 9:37AM Polly & Gordy talking about watering system

May 1st 6:44PM Hanging w/ Chris Korn at a bar talking about false cuts. Chris and I demonstrate some esoteric false cuts. Chris amazes the waitress.

May 2nd 11:36AM Polly cutting my hair in Kitchen of 6430 Charlesworth

May 3rd 11:28AM Fun at the Getty Villa in Malibu

May 3rd 2:36PM Lunch at Malibu Fish Joint

May 3rd 2:42PM Parachute Surfer

May 3rd 6:06PM Polly back at home

May 3rd 6:15PM Driving to City walk w/ Pops
Dad tapes me working

May 3rd 8:33PM Flattop works Fountain Court

May 10th 1:08 PM Backyard practice footage Coin Magic

May 10th 7:29 PM City Walk Cards (poker deal, Dr. Daley)


May 2007

May 5

Rumba Room
Hollywood Hills From City Walk
City Walk Kids in fountain and Cool Breeze

May 7th 2:19PM Venice Beach Kam & Korn

Curtis performs a coin routine
Chris do a little bit

May 9th 1:06PM Amoeba Records

Entrance from garage
Retail showroom

May 9th 7:12PM Practice footage at citywalk

Low camera angle(table top)
4 Ace production
Cigar and cards macro - great resolution. How do I exploit macro shots they’re bad ass

May 12th 4:19PM City Walk

Sha Shaty - Sax Player at City Walk
Alfie - Magician at City Walk (He was in the Prestiege as the Magician who killed the canary)

May 13th 11:48PM Cubanis (Dead cover band) Venice beach Club Good Hurt

Aaron Fisher & Alex hanging out after the club

May 15th 12:05PM

Beautiful Kind Bud Shot
Sam, Working Hollywood & Highland pitching decks and doing tricks. He gave up street performing after a month of struggling. Not as easy as it looks. I bought all of his inventory from him.

Daniel Davenport Ball maipulation

May 16th 7:32PM Practice Footage from City walk

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