Friday, January 04, 2008


The new year brought, out of town visitors, chaos, an infant, Grateful Dead Music, dancing and a magic session that lasted till 5AM on Jan. 1st.

Where to start, what to say, how to do it. Getting sick. Feel a sinus infection coming on and feeling a little out of it.

Spent New Years Eve out and about. The evening started at the City Walk till I got kicked out of there. Evidently no street performers were allowed to work that night. I didn’t know. I received this email a few days later.

“The schedule will not be out till Thursday of this week.
I have Caught a few people showing up on days they are not scheduled . If anyone is caught doing so, they will be terminated on the spot. You will be escorted out without any explanations .
Also, Not everyone that turned in their schedule will be placed this month. Just because you turn in the schedule it does not mean I am obligated to set the dates.” Yow!!

From there, I headed to Hollywood & Highland where I did a couple of shows. The plan was to meet Aaron Fisher and his girlfriend as well as another magic buddy named Josh at his place in Hollywood before heading to see a Dead Cover Band in Santa Monica. New Years Eve was fun. Polly was back at home entertaining her old friend Dack, Also in from out of town, my buddy Kayma and his infant daughter. We've had a house full of guests and plenty of excitement and drama.

I for one will be happy when things are back to normal. I like our friends, but I also like my minimalist life stye and lack of day to day drama.

My favorite part of New Years Eve, was the magic session back at Aaron Fisher's pad. Simple, humble and direct we all did some tricks, talked technique, presentation and performance. Good time had by all. Thanks Aaron for a good time!

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Timmy Jimmy said...

Wish i had been there, I just bought Aarons book, Paper engine,
Happy new year, get well.