Monday, January 21, 2008

In my "Out Box" • Sylvester the Jester

Dear Dan,

Wasn't sure if you had seen this or not. Did you sell them the rights to manufacture and sell this. I hope these guys didn't rip off one of your classic bits you've been doing around the world and on TV for almost 20 years. That would be a real shame. You hear about that sort of thing happening all the time. There is a web-site devoted to unauthorized knock offs of other peoples intellectual property. It's called Magic Fakers.

Hope you are doing well.

your old pal

Tom Frank

Overload: Smoking ears on command!

Produce blasts of smoke up to 5ft both sides of your head. You can repeat it as many times as you like, with no reset needed. Looks like a very expensive effect that you only see in the movies, but you can perform it whenever you want at an amazing price.

Plus extra bonus included FREE!!

Produce smoke from bare hands. With this addition, you can produce smoke quite literally from anywhere, bare hands / bottom / leg and even build it into props. Endless possibilities!

Very safe, no ignition, no heat produced and most important no hard to find hazardous chemicals.

Simply amazing!!

Comes complete with:
Full instructions
Overload gimmick, suitable for any head, whatever size
Delivery system
Smoke from anywhere gimmick, will fit anyone
One cartridge, these refill cartridges are available all over the world

To view a Windows Media clip of Overload, Click Here

Retail: $160.00


Anonymous said...

So how much did Sylvester pay to Tex Avery?

Just wondering ...

Anonymous said...

who is Tex Avery?

Anonymous said...

He was either a famous cartoonist or someone too lazy to google.