Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Out! Out damn spot!

He won't go away! He brings a whirlwind of stress where ever he goes! From the moment he tried to leave the Shanghi Airport with his infant daughter in tow, to the time he finally arrived (a month later) at LAX with the FBI, LAPD & Homeland Security waiting for him.

Tried to hook a brother up for almost two weeks in our home. . .with him, his baby and his big rig truck in front of our house. Issues upon issues, layers upon layers. Not really my problem, just trying to be helpful.

Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in.

How do you be a friend, but guard the balance of your own life closely.

I have carefully sculpted out a lifestyle that requires as little stress and drama as possible. It just works for me.

Balance is important. Having to identify a line in the sand to someone who might be clueless, well. . . that just might need to happen.


Trickster said...


Is this a quopte or do you have a house guest?


Anonymous said...

Good Question!!

Actually, I'd suggest offering help him find his own place PRONTO. Mention the difficulties with an additional 2 people in the house, cost etc, especially with Polly home more now. Tell him you really like him and appreciate him, but sometimes being too close is difficult and you really want to preserve your great friendship, and him being in his own place is the way that can best happen.

Then seriously, find him a place and offer to help him move.