Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The people you meet on the streets

Ran into an interesting fellow while working Hollywood Blvd. the other evening. It was Steve Goshman, son of Albert Goshman. We had a nice chat about his pops. I was a bit gushy about his dad, he maintained that he was just another guy. Not in my eyes. As a kid I saw Goshman do his act at least a dozen times.

Steve continues manufacturing the best sponge balls ever made for magicians (I prefer the 2" super soft).

I asked if there was any chance of seeing the manufacturing process. He respectfully declined, seemingly embarrassed by the old school technology involved in the process. Or maybe it's just a secret.

Another interesting encounter from the streets.

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gbf said...

Berger could take patter and delivery lessons from you Tom. nothing like unrewarded talent ... as you say.
be well, g.