Friday, January 25, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

This will be the second week this month, lost work due to rain. Off season, as a busker, is hard enough without this shit. Blue skies and sunshine wanted to poke through the clouds but had trouble doing that.

An important part of my street performing rig is my Crate Amp. It’s a little 30 watt banger that does the job. I’ve used it a lot over the last year and a half. Went from an 8 hour charge on the internal battery when it was new, to less than 3 hours now. I ordered a new battery from the manufacturer and had it installed today. I’ll pick it up in Pasadena tomorrow and hopefully it will stop raining long enough for me to make some money.

I've been out of work, Polly is still out of work because of the writers strike, but we've been having the best time. All the rain has made us hole up in our house, watch lots of movies, eat, drink and be merry. We did a Godfather marathon. 1 & 2 and at least an hour of special features on Wednesday, 3 and another couple hours of special features on Thusday. Over the same two days we threw in Citizen Kane and Modern Times for good measure. We love movies and how they're made. We love how they're written, and directed. I love my girl. We have a good time together. She sits there and knitts, hour after hour, I shuffle cards and practice. We watch the movies and look over at each other and smile with a knowing wink. There's a lot of love in our home.


Brian said...

Hi Tom,

Just wondered what mic you use for your setup. I swear I've seen you in pics using a wireless headphone. Do they make a good one that also doesn't need a power supply? Just curious.


gbf said...

if you have a nickel cadmium battery on your amp, it needs to be charged when it is empty.... or else you'll reset it's "memory" capability and it will think wrong things.
let's discuss, keep up the good work. gbf