Monday, January 21, 2008

Session w/ Lee Asher, Aaron Fisher & Josh

A busy weekend of working, partying, joy and reverie. Things got started Friday night with an informal jam at Aaron Fishers' pad celebrating the arrival of Lee Asher. Other than Aaron and Lee, it was me and Josh. We had a good time but wrapped things up early around midnight. We would reconvene the following evening for a more involved look at out art and ourselves. We talked until close to 4:20AM. What night. The only other timed I've sessioned with both Lee & Aaron was in Seattle a couple years ago.

Being around such talent makes me feel out of my league. Sometimes I feel like a hack with little to offer, other times I feel like I hold my own.

We're all just trying to find our place in this new world order. . . as magicians. . . as people. . . as friends and as creative artists. We talked about tricks, techniques, and making money. Good stuff all around.

What can I say. . . I love my life, flaws and all.

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