Friday, January 04, 2008

Things that can screw up a street show

I like marching bands as much as the next guy. . . just not in the middle of my show. Luckily, that didn't happen. I was notified 20 minutes before the band came through; and came through they did. . . all million of them, marching from one end of the City Walk to the other. There must have been 100 trumpeters and as many saxes, maybe 20-30 big brass tuba's. Quite a scene on on new years eve.

I haven't worked since that night. Weather and health wonky, as we host a gray and drizzly Seattle Day.

My last shows of 2007 were mediocre. I wanted to do my best work and tried to make that happen but some things are out of my hands. People were way more distracted than normal. I was happy to be done by 8:30PM. Kayma has been here with his baby and Dack is visiting as well. Our house a whirlwind of activity. Later I'll head to the City Walk, pick up the Jan. schedule and if I'm on it and it's not raining I'll work this evening. Not feeling so well. Won't bother me if I have to stay home and in bed.

Dack and Polly are at the Dali Exhibit, Kayma is getting some passport issues resolved. . . hopefully and I'm laying low, watching ER on TiVo.

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