Monday, February 11, 2008

Life is good

So relaxed. Surrounded by beauty and love. A stringent routine of daily chillaxing, cigar in hand, enjoying the sunshine and palm & fruit trees.

Had a good week at work. The weekend panned out nicely and my sets were well received. Shot some video of Alfie on Saturday. Might post it. I like shooting other magicians. I know where all the shots should be. Where to pull in tight, where to go 3/4 and most important when to get the reaction shot, hopefully with the magician in the frame.

On an Amy Winehouse kick. Great music with a 60’s Motown retro feel. Really a talented artist. Shame she’s such a train wreck. But there is an undeniable fascination to watching someone spin out of control.

Going to Aye Jaye’s house Wednesday night to play poker with a bunch of magicians. Sounds like fun to me.

Not too much to report on. Been shooting practice footage of Dingle’s Quick D-Way. I used to do the trick years ago. Tried doing it at a session not long ago and totally chocked on it. All those damn pinky pull downs where making me look like a rank amateur. So, I’ve decided to work it back into shape focusing on “tension” in the hands. Video is always very telling. I like to shoot it from about 5 different angles. Pretty happy with the way it’s looking and feeling. Been throwing it in during my crowd gathering sequence. Nice trick. I always liked Dingle’s construction of an effect as well as diabolical handling. After dinner one night in Vegas, I performed “Out Flushed” and really nailed it. Gambler vs Magician discussion with a bunch of real gamblers made the trick even more relevant. Another $240 bottle of wine was uncorked and the magic of life continued.

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