Saturday, February 09, 2008

Vegas pt. 2

Vegas rocked. Had great time at the MGM with my homies. Sushi, Lobster, Steak, Crown Royal, Fine Cigars and all the excitement that a town like Vegas breeds 24 hours a day.

4 days of fun in the sun. Polly had a good time in Dallas. We missed each other and were glad to get back into our routine of rest and relaxation back at home. Sounds like the writers strike might be coming to a close, so she might be going back to work.

Vegas highlights: Getting to see my good friends from back home. 3 Weinstein’s and a Waxler, throw in a pinch of Farley, Sheldon & Ostrow some other cats: Murray, Lawrence and Arthur that had what appeared to me unlimited funds to gamble with. It’s a different world.

One of my desires in this trip was to try and get into the head of a gambler. . . and these guys are. . . trust me. . . they got serious game. They gamble at least 15 hours a day, going on little sleep. They battle the night away sometimes having to leave with a small victory, or a painful beating or a big win. Ya just don't know. Luck of the draw. Apparently there is some sort of discipline involved with regard to knowing when to up your game and wen to back down. From where I sit at the bar with cigar smoke swirling around my head. . . it all looks like a crap shoot.

RFB Baby! Room, Food & Beverage all you got to do is win or loose thousands.

The VIP Super Bowl Party was a hoot. Great game on a great screen.

What can I say, it was a swell time. I didn’t eat too much, I didn’t drink too much. . . hell, I might be turning into a grown up!!!???

Another highlight was seeing a Cirque de Solie show called KA, another comp from our host. Check out this clip.

Can't say that I've ever seen a show like this before! Entertaining, exciting, strange and downright COOL!

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