Tuesday, March 11, 2008

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Learning a lot about life. Starting to understand that there is a natural ebb and flow. By living in the now, I refuse to let the failures of my past dictate the success of my future. It's all a piece of art in progress. I have a lot of love in my heart and so much to share with the world. This is already fun.

With a stringent, daily regiment of relaxation, I eat right, exercise and work daily at the City Walk. I'm a lucky motherfucker. Polly and I are going on two years together! Amazing thing is, we still have yet to have ONE ARGUMENT! Go figure, she actually loves me for who I am!? She'll be going back to work on a new show starting next week. Ugly Betty, I'll say one thing about Polly she seems to go from one hit show to the next. Lots of work in this town for people who who don't mind working 70-80 hours in a 5 day week. Poor girl, I'm gonna have to hold down things at Camp Paradise for her all by myself.

Hiked Bronson Canyon with Aaron today. Another beautiful day in the 80's blue skies and sunny. Heard more then a foot of snow fell in Cincinnati. Went to work this evening in shorts, sandals and a short sleeve shirt. We eat oranges picked off a friends tree.

Palm trees shoot up from the ground 100 feet tall, tops swaying in the sunset wind. The Hollywood Hills rich in history and property values.

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Anonymous said...

Your chops are right on! Very well done to the music. Check out the faces of the spectators....they are very telling, shows they like your performance.