Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Dad in town!

My father arrived Friday afternoon after cruising in on his big Goldwing motorcycle from Atlanta. He stayed with Shawn Greer and his family the previous night in Phoenix.

I love having my Dad around. Today he met with some old friends from Crosby High School in Waterbury, Ct. They’re meeting in Burbank for a luncheon. Yesterday we went to a movie, “21”. Enjoyed it, made me think about my limited time hanging out with Sal Picente.

I remember once at my home in Cincinnati, my dad was visiting and Sal was over demonstrating some poker hand run ups. My father asked him how he beat the cut. Effortlessly, Sal put in the brief in while riffle shuffling offered the cut to my pops, he cut to the brief and Sal dealt out 5 hands of poker dealing himself the winning hand. Impressive.

It’s fun hanging out with my dad. We become more similar with the passing of time. Cigars walks and talks and trying to get our stories straight. Where he was coming from, where I’ve been, this and that. Happy family memories and the not so happy times. The death of my sister, bla bla bla. I really enjoy his company and revel in the man he has become. He enjoys life as much or more that I do, surprisingly something that he gives me partial credit for. He tells me that he has learned so much from me about how to live life. A real startling revaluation.

Polly gave him a neat nick name this morning, “The Rock Star of Retirement”!

My Dad


Timmy Jimmy said...

Nice post my friend.
It is interesting what we can learn from our children, if we are open to it. Your pop seems to be, and that is fantastic. As my children age, I too learn from them. They see the world in a different light than I do and at times it is frustrating and also enlightening!
I am so very happy that you and your dad have this time to make memories and really get to know one another. I never got to know any of my several "dad's."
It is great to see you taking advantage of it and your pop as well.

Tom said...
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Anonymous said...

Tom, Pass along to your Pops if he finds himself in the Cincy area to give me a shout... take a ride together, coffe, cigar etc. GERRY