Monday, April 21, 2008

Street Performing is HARD

It’s a simple formula that Cellini taught me years ago:

Get the Crowd

Keep The Crowd

Get The Money

Not so easy to carry out

Sometimes the hardest part is filling your heart with love before you go out and say. . . it’s not about the money, it’s about the art and mystery and happiness of life, magic and love.

This can sound like a bunch of crap, especially when rent is due. . . . or over due. . . or child support that I can’t pay because I don’t have it.

Everything works out in the end

Soon enough I will be in peak season and making enough to pay all my bills. Brow beating myself, exasperating my frustration only makes me hate myself. . and I can’t have that.

I will begin to solicit work, dust off my, now dulled, marketing skills and begin to hone and sharpen this so called career of mine.

Plenty of work here in LA. Time to get what’s mine.

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